Produce live・concert・event venue

Regardless of the size of the event venues, such as live performances, concerts, exhibitions, etc.,
we will produce fragrance performance equally for various venues.
Fragrance that express the event concept and the world view of the artist will spread through the venue.
We will create a state-of-the-art entertainment venue that appeals to our five senses with light, sound, and “fragrance”.

Experience the scent

★ Fragrance that drifts in the venue once you get in ★

By spreading the original blended fragrance and the one produced by the artists in the venue from the opening of events and live performances, it is possible to further enhance the excitement of visitors who have full of expectations.

★ Refresh set change at live with fragrance ★

The atmosphere at the venue can be refreshed by changing the fragrance when switching from an up-tempo song to a middle-tempo song.

★ Reproduce the image of the song with fragrance★

By spreading fragrance that matches the image of the song, such as a love song or ballad,
you can appeal to the audience's olfactory and deepen the impression of the song.

Produce original goods

We develop and produce original goods using fragrance.
It’s also possible to mix original fragrances and produce original goods.
We produce the only fragrance goods that match artists and the world view of events.